Multi-Spindle Screw Machining

Roberts Automatic can meet your needs for complex or simple parts with our wide range of multiple-spindle screw machining centers. We machine parts from steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminum.

We often hold tolerances on our screw machines that would require CNC machining or secondary operations saving you time and money.

Our screw machines are supported by our complete tool making department with a 5-axis CNC tool grinder and a wire EDM machine. This provides shorter lead times on new parts and revision changes, greater creativity, higher productivity, tighter tolerances, better quality and lower costs.

Euroturn and Gildemeisters

  • Designed to produce the tightest tolerance and most intricate parts.
  • Combine precision with speed and versatility.
  • Up to 1-1/4” diameter capacity with 5,000 RPM precision spindles.
  • Independent cross and end-slides with 4 compound cross-slides.
  • Single-point threading and polygon turning attachments add versatility.
  • Adjustable cams and step less variable spindle RPM for attaining the best cycle time.
  • IEMCA bar loaders for higher efficiency.
  • Pick-off attachments for back end work.


  • Lightweight, high-speed machines ideal for medium and high-volume parts from 1/16” to 7/8” diameter.
  • A wide range of attachments allow machining operations such as slotting, cross-drilling and milling during the machining cycle.
  • Pick-off attachments and spindle-stopping add to the versatility of the Davenports.
  • Automatic bar loaders increase the productivity of the Davenports


  • Excellent for parts that require heavy stock removal and intricate features.
  • Our Acme-Gridleys are fully equipped with features such as pick-offs, spindle-stopping, double threading positions and short part detectors.
  • Diameter capacities are 3/16” to 2-5/8” round.

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